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Post- Modernism

Compare and contrast the 2 Post-modern works with 2 of the other 4 works you have read.

* No Country For Old Men (Mc Carthy, C.)
* The Road (Mc Carthy, C.)

In No Country for Old Men we can find a thriller story, that a men who find a truck with heroin and full of money when he takes de money, begin his nightmare. This story is based in the post world war II period. Moss is recovering to his family after that he was in the war, but now he has to run and scape of the gunmen that follow him.

The road is a post-apocaliptic story wher a father with his young son have to find their new life in this disaster that destroyed almost all civilization of the earth.
The setting is very cold, dark and filled with ash and the land is devoid of living vegetation. There is frequent rain or snow, and electrical storms are common. Many of the remaining human survivors are cannibalistic tribes or nomads, scavenging the detritus of city and country alike for human flesh, though that too is almost entirely depleted.

Both stories have more similarity with modernism liteature, becuse they show sadness, loneliness, and depression. In these stories the men have to fight for their lives and portect their families. Maybe thsis sories are post-modernist but in the way that they are narrated are more like modernist.

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